childhood obesity: cause, effect and the solution

| August 31, 2015

I want essay about childhood obesity talks about cause and effect and the solution. for pages about cause and effect with the visual. after that i want many solutions for this problem and for each i want the pros and cons and i want for each solution with there pros and cons ( refutation ) i do not want ( fallacy ) in the essay please. i already have sources for the essay with quote and paraphrase. please use this source in the essay and i have already 3 pictures and it is explain the picture i will attach all these things. I also need you to use citations for every information you use, use figure for the picture and put the source or the the website you take it under the picture please. I already have quote and paraphrase for the pic and i already have explain the picture you job just put it in the essay. please the 10 source i have and the the source for the picture put them in a paragraph that connects it, solutions with solutions and so on.

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