Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention – Primary Health Project

| February 24, 2015
You will be writing a project teaching children about the importance of preventing Lead poisoning. The plan is to address the issues of lead poisoning in the community by teaching the children in two high risk zip-code areas 20901 and 20850 about the issue of Lead Poisoning. The ages of the children will be between 7 and 11 years. After the teaching, the children will replicate what they’ve learned by using their creative abilities to draw posters. By receiving this information the children will be able to share this knowledge with their parents and others within the community. After the drawings have been submitted, the winners will be rewarded educational prizes totaling $650.00. Three winners will be chosen from each site by an unbiased panel of judges. Procedure for Judging The judging will be done by ballot voting. The posters will be displayed in the large conference room at Silver Spring Health Center for two days, allowing the judges to view and vote at times that are convenient for them. Posters will be separated by site and numbered for the judging. Judges will vote based on the number of the poster for a first, second, and third place winner. Criteria o Originality o Creativity o Subject matter Selection of Judges Judges will be selected per each zip code community on a volunteer basis. There will be a total of approximately 5 to 6 judges. An e-mail will be forwarded to some HHS staff and community partners asking for volunteer judges to include: HHS, Montgomery Community College, Silver Spring, Boys and Girls Club, Bauer Drive Community Center and Washington Adventist University. o Identify the importance of preventing lead poisoning in the home, schools, and in the community. o Identify the sources of lead poisoning o Live lead free, productive lives. o Know the importance of nutrition and how it can prevent lead absorption. o Reduce the risks of childhood health, learning, and mental disabilities. a. Methodology 1. Pre and Post test 2. Video 3. Interactive question and answer session 4. Presentation b. Schedule (dates to be determine) o Go to Silver Spring Boys & Girls Club and / to promote poster contest and obtain parents consent. (prior to the contest) o Teach the children about prevention of lead poisoning; initiate poster contest o Have judging and display of posters at SSHC o Present prizes and awards at the Boys & Girls Club and Bauer Drive Community Center o Frame the winning posters and hang at them in the Silver Spring Health Center o
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