Child Beauty Pageant or Child Exploitation

| August 31, 2015

should be an argumentative essay.

The length of the essay should be between 800 and 1000 words.

A debatable claim phrased in a clear and precise way.

You should assume that your audience includes people who may not agree with your claim, so you must include valid and convincing support (evidence).

There must be an identifiable warrant, that is to say, link between the support you offer and the claim you make.

There must be an explicit counter-argument with reasonable arguments and adequate evidence.

There must be a rebuttal of these opposing views.

There should be enough background to help your audience understand the issue being debated.

should draw a strong conclusion.

Who is your intended audience? What do you expect your audience to believe or think about your topic

What are the main points of support that will best convince your audience about the validity of your claim?

What specific counterarguments against your thesis in general or against specific points of support do you anticipate from your audience?

What information about your topic will you need to supply as background for your topic?

Do you plan to use pathos appeals in your writing? Why and at what point?

Above all there must be a clear and logical flow of ideas through your argument – counter-argument and rebuttal.

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