Challenges of Lone Parent Families: Project Outline

| August 31, 2015

You are expected to complete a detailed outline of your research project assignment. The outline should be between 2-3 pages, double spaced. As well, you are expected to included an annotated bibliography of the resources you are planning to draw on for your research project. APA format using the American Psychological Association (APA) Manual, 6th ed. is expected for your annotated bibliography. What you might consider including in your outline are the sections you imagine for your paper and a brief description under each section about what you are considering writing about. DonЎЇt forget to include how you plan to incorporate your course materials (e.g., the textbook, discussion postings, and assigned articles) as well as how you will demonstrate critical thinking about the topic. The purpose of the outline is to organize your thinking about your research topic, demonstrate what you are planning to focus on in your research project final paper, and show the resources that you are gathering for the assignment in order to receive feedback that will (hopefully) support the compilation of your research project assignment (which is due the Sunday of Week 10). Your research paper will provide an opportunity for you to explore a topic which not only interests you but also deepens your knowledge of some aspect of life-span development from adolescence to late-adulthood. Be specific with your focus. Some ideas for your project topic include, but are not limited to: Discuss socio-cultural challenges of adolescents (or adults, or parents) of Aboriginal descent Discuss the development of healthy sexuality in adolescence/early adulthood Discuss the socio-political implications for the rising median age of Canadians Discuss the association between childhood attachment and adult romantic relationships Discuss the concept of mid-life crises Discuss the challenges of lone parent families Discuss the role of cross-cultural research in understanding health challenges of middle adulthood Discuss the nature of a ‘bicultural’ sexual orientation Discuss the nature of intergenerational relationships in middle adulthood Discuss healthy attachment promotion in adolescence A topic of YOUR CHOICE (check your idea with your instructor first) Marking Criteria Your outline will be marked out of 10. Outlines earning an excellent standing would be described as showing: A clear idea about the research topic to be explored in the research project final paper A strong indication as to how the course materials will be incorporated into the research project final paper A strong indication as to how critical thinking will be demonstrated in the research project final paper A clear indication of the resources that are being gathered and reviewed for the research project final paper An annotated bibliography of the resources that are being gathered and reviewed for the research project final paper that follows APA (6th ed.) guidelines and clearly indicates how the resources listed might be used/useful in the research project final paper

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Category: Sociology

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