CH2M HILL: Reinventing organizational careers

| August 25, 2015

Begin your well-written paper with a short overview of the case study. After providing an overview of the case study, assess the challenges of organizational leadership faced by CH2M HILL in both historical and current contexts. In your assessment, consider the following elements:
• The organizational structure and culture of CH2M HILL and how this culture is embedded and conveyed throughout the organization
• The path by which CH2M HILL achieved its growth and success
• The main problem Walstrom must address, including concrete examples of the problem
• The root cause(s) of the problem, including how the cause(s) is/are manifested
• Why there is a lack of career opportunity, whether real or perceived
• The causes of the lack of internal talent for senior leadership
Once you have assessed the challenges facing the organization, describe what Walstrom should do to address the problems. Include a discussion of what you would do to manage your own career if you were an employee of CH2M HILL. Use leadership theories to support both your assessment and your discussion of strategies Walstrom should employ.


Be 900  words in length
• Be formatted according to APA Requirements
• Include at least three peer-reviewed sources to support your discussion.

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Category: Completed Assignments

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