Case Study Analysis

| August 31, 2015

1. Explains all significant facts relevant to stating the most important ethical issue(s) in the case. Also evaluates and suggests resolutions Focus on Significant Facts Related to Important Ethical Issue(s). Initial Evaluation / Suggestion of Potential Resolutions to the Case 2. States the most important ethical issue raised by the facts of the case study. Focus on Most Important Ethical Issues Raised Based on Facts of the Case Study 3. Suggests alternative resolutions of the ethical issue(s) and considers the effects of each alternative on all company stakeholders. Alternative resolutions of Ethical Issues Related to the Facts of the Case Study 4. Explains why one of the alternatives is the best. Includes analysis, discussion, and conclusions related to the case. Explanation of the Best Alternative Solution, Including Analysis, discussion, and Conclusions Related to Case Study Note #1: Although ethical issues may be related to marketing, management, employment issues, they are more than that. They concern the effects of business decisions on the well-being and rights of those touched by the decisions, including society at large. Note# 2: When writing the case study, do not reproduce the language in the case study. Doing so will reduce your grade. Paraphrase everything you use from the case study. If you use any outside sources, properly attribute words or ideas taken from those sources. Be succinct. It is useful to refer to and use outside sources to add to what you write in your paper. If you use any outside sources, properly attribute words or ideas taken from those sources by using in-text citations Case Dale Goodwin stared out the window of his office in Rio de Janeiro and pondered his dilemma. He has been a salesperson with Acme Oil Pumps, Inc., for 35 years. He has served the company in many regions, and he recently was transferred to Brazil. He has been an average salesperson, but age and retirement prospects have slowed him down, and his overall sales have gradually declined in the past few years. Given his age and his recent transfer, Dale realized that if he made too many mistakes, he would be out of a job and could lose his pension. Three months before, Dale had made a sales presentation to Oscar Бlvarez, head of the government oil fields in Brazil. The two men hit it off and quickly became good friends. Over lunch last week, Oscar had mentioned to Dale that Acme Oil Pumps had a very good chance of securing a $5 million-a-year, five-year contract to supply and install replacement pumps for the Brazilian government’s oil fields. However, Oscar had also informed Dale that three other firms were bidding for the same contract. Because of their friendship, Oscar had said, he felt obligated to advise Dale that Acme’s bid was somewhat high and recommended that the company should lower it. Dale had thanked his friend for this information and resubmitted a slightly lower bid. Yesterday Oscar had called Dale to tell him that in all probability Acme Oil Pumps would get the contract for the replacement pumps. Oscar had also requested from Dale a small gift of $50,000 for the contract-in essence, a bribe. At first Dale told Oscar that he would have to think about it. Dale had then called his superiors in the United States, who told him that it is against U.S. law to offer bribes to anyone in any foreign country to secure business. His superiors also urged Dale to do what he could to try to secure the contract. This seemed to be a black-and-white decision, but Dale knew differently. After 35 years with the company, he knew that bribes had often been used to secure large overseas contracts. He also recognized that if he got caught giving Oscar Бlvarez a bribe, he would probably be fired. But he knew that if he didn’t win this contract, his chances of remaining with the company would be slim. With retirement just a few years away, Dale needed his pension. He had to make a decision quickly

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