Case and Questions

| August 28, 2015

put everthings in English only use the two pages to answer the questions and the case but don’t for get to number the questions 1 and 2 and than the case No APA and No Source Answer these questions separate and Number them 1 and 2 1. How much information are sales people ethically required to disclose? Explain what you think is reasonable and appropriate. What does it indicate to you if the sales person does not to provide you with the latest information on problems experienced by recent buyers or others who bought the product in the past 6 months or more? 2. Assume you are a manager of a firm that is interested in marketing to people who are vulnerable due to their physical or other characteristics. There are certain people who may be considered physically, cognitively, motivationally, or socially vulnerable. There may also be certain conditions or incapacities that may make certain individuals more vulnerable than others. In some cases this may make them more susceptible to harm through marketing. What are some potential examples of such vulnerabilities and areas of susceptibility? How should marketers deal with such concerns so as to be socially responsible? Case on page 2 the second page discuss the case by giving your thoughts on the case First Premier Bank Credit Card made the Consumer Reports list of the worst credit cards two years ago. The card made the same list in the November 2010 edition of Consumer Reports Magazine. In 2007, First Premier signed a $6.4 million settlement with the New York Attorney General’s Office over the card’s deceptive marketing practices. First Premier’s card now advertises a $25 to $90 pricing charge (which fluctuates by the minute, depending on when you click on the card’s website). What’s worse is that when you drill deeper into the fine print, you’ll find a $75 annual fee and an APR of 23.9 percent to 59.9 percent on purchases and cash advances (again, depending on when you visit the site). So you could face a minimum of $100 or a maximum of $170 in fees in the first year for a card with only a $300 initial credit limit. Other fees include an $11 charge for expediting bill payment over the phone and a credit limit increase fee equal to 50 percent of the increase. So for every $100 that First Premier increases your credit limit, it charges you $50.

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