Carpe Diem

| August 28, 2015

Respones eassy. No research, just the writer words. Required Text: The Norton Anthology Western Literature, Volume I, The Ancient World through the Renaissance, 8th Ed / ISBN# 0-393-92572-2 Page: 2046, 2047 and 2049 Response “””” NO RESEARCH / NO ESSAY – JUST THE WRITER ON WORDS””””” 1st Introduce Carpe Diem Tell what it is: like ——– Life is short, Seize the day, Do it now and so on. Talk about how the First & Second line rhyme and Third & Fourth line rhyme. 2nd a. What do you get out of these poems? (The poems are on the bottom of the page. There are three.) b. Talk about how it is ok to be over the Top when writing a Carpe Diem. c. How do poems over hundred years ago take a theme or place and make a poem for it. d. Romance in the poems. Here is the CARPE DIEM POEMS you need to Response to: LYRIC POETRY: CARPE DIEM POEMS Christopher Marlowe The Passionate Shepherd to His Love page: 2046 Sir Walter Ralegh The Nymphs Reply to the Shepherd page: 2047 John Donne Elegy 19: To His Mistress, Going to Bed page: 2049

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