Care Management and Outcomes improvement

| August 27, 2015

Care Management and Outcomes improvement

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Read the competencies/standards and identify key role functions of these two advanced nursing roles NP ( Nurse Practitioner) versus CNS(Clinical Nurse Specialist)

Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the two advanced nursing roles.

Discuss how these two roles support professional practice as discussed in Koloroutis, Chapter 4?

Iglehart, J. (2013). Expanding the role of advanced NP: Risks and rewards.
New England Journal of Medicine.
May 31st.

Recommended textbook

Koloroutis, M. (2004). Relationship-based care: a model for transforming practice. Minneapolis, MN: Creative Health Care Management.

Use Three references with citations are included beyond the class readings and can include book chapters, journal articles (primary or secondary) and web based readings, You-Tubes or TED talks.

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