| August 28, 2015

Choose one of the below topics. Essay #2 (2500 words) will be written in MLA or APA referencing format, double spaced & 12 point font. Papers must provide evidence on how your piece provides a perspective, and suggest ways in which your thoughts illuminate the issue for others. Students to will be evaluated on research skills, writing, accurate referencing and topic discussion and the same rubric for Essay #1 will be utilized. 1. Treaties are relationship-building mechanisms that define the relationship between First Nations and Canada. They also provide historical, political, and cultural ways of understanding how different parties viewed an emerging community. Examine one treaty made in Canada’s history and what was expected, agreed upon, and what ultimately happened in the evolution of the relationship between the signatories. Explore how this treaty continues to influence Canada and what our nation might look like if its fullest vision had been fulfilled. In other words: how are Canadians “treaty people”?

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Category: Political Science

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