campaign and press release

| November 27, 2014

campaign and press release

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Assessment 1 Press Release ? 40%
An individual outline plan, target media and target audience for the distribution of, and the writing of a press release, (1,600 words equivalent). The assessment criteria are attached in Appendix A. Questions can be posted on the discussion board so answers can be shared and to develop good communication practice. The organization is progressio charity. I will upload the power point slide for the assessment brief.

Please note that they only uses twitter maybe not enough to attract more audiences to get more funds in order to be more efficient. As they do their work in long-term which make it difficult to measure their success. They want to get fundraiser quickly to generate as much money as they can to be able to achieve their plans. Also I will upload a structure report of how the press release would look like not to forget mentioning to have media and to have screen shots in appendix the media to use is And the target to be in Kent. Use quote in the press release even it can be made up name from either countries they work in. the press release it self it no more than 400 words and

Assignment 1 – Campaign and press release
Follow these links and start reading up on what makes a good press release and some of wider issues relating to putting the press release in context of a bigger PR campaign.
1) This is a great starting point but there are also lots of additional links through the whitepapers (including a nice definition of the difference between a news release and press release)
2) This is very brief but links to the whole campaign not just the press release
3) There is also some good from Friends of the Earth for a more issues driven PR approach
4) And to get a view of a full PR campaign this is a great example – but remember you are just doing a small part of this (phew!) Inscope PR campaign.doc
5) And definately what words not to use – according to the Guardian there shouldn’t be ‘leverage’ or a ‘ground breaking’ in sight.


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