Business Project Proposal

| August 30, 2015

Business Project Proposal

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a business start up idea.  a team of 5 is working on it as our project. In this project, we are starting a new business. “Dog World” will not only be a dog grooming centre but it will also have a cafe for dog owners and a dog accessory shop as well.

Premises consist of an indoor cafe, accessory shop and an indoor dog grooming centre. Cafe and accessory shop area will be separated from dog grooming area by a wall and separate entrance for both ( because of regulatory/legislative issues).

Two of our team members will do dog grooming course (will take 20 days). Other than this, we will hire 3 professional dog groomers.

Two of our team members are already trained dog handlers and rest are going to do this course. ( will take one week to complete)

There will be an outdoor area as well where dog owners could sit back and relax( on the sides) while their dogs can play and have fun in the area. This area will be encircled by comfy chairs and dogs will play in the middle.

We love dogs and really enjoy being around them.
include facts and figures (ie total numbers of dogs in Sydney etc) in the industry overview paragraph and don’t do MS project plan as it will be done by one of the team member.

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