Business Negotiations

| April 25, 2014

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1. you must choose exactly four concepts from the negotiation course and interrelate them. You can pick any four concepts. BATNA, reserve price, evidence/assumption/conclusion, target price and so on are not appropriate as concepts, as they merely describe a datum’s typology they are not a concept in-of-themselves. Game theory, loss aversion, paradox of choice, individualism/collectivism, misleading conduct and so on are acceptable as concepts. Please show your markers your four proposed concepts well before the due date of the assessment (in one of the consultation times).
2. you must interrelate all four of these concepts with each other. Many people do this by first interrelating two concepts (and then sometimes another two concepts, then another two…), then three concepts (and then sometimes another three, then another three…) and then after doing that they then interrelate all four together. It is only required that you do the last of those (i.e. relate all four together), however, doing so is risky as if you get the most complicated interrelationship (of four concepts at once) wrong, then you will have nothing to fall back on.
3. There are three key things to focus on here. The first is to come up with some new ideas (originality). To do this you can dig deeper into the concepts brought up in the course and find some insight, or you can
bring in some external ideas and use that/them to make sense of the interrelationship you are discussing.
Research is a necessary component of this and is worth 40% of the assessment’s total mark. I suspect that you should have a good 20-100 references in your piece, depending on your area of research and writing style. Finally, you need to give the practical insight that is to be drawn from each of your theoretical insights, failure to do so may result in a mark of 0 on that point.
4. You must put the abstract (and if/where appropriate, a quotation on which you rely) of every article you cite in a footnote (unless there is no abstract for the article you cite). You must also pinpoint a page in EVERY source you are citing, except if you are citing a general proposition that is incapable of being cited with a pinpoint. Instructions on how to use pinpoint citation are in the Business School Referencing Guide; footnotes should be created in the normal manner. It is extremely important you read the referencing heading below regarding what sources are appropriate to use as research and how to find appropriate sources.
Additionally, there are four concepts that are approved by the lecturer: individualism/collectivism, loss aversion, anchoring and adjustment, social proof. Questions like how collective loss differ from individual loss, how loss change because of social proof, will collectivist be less anchored need to be answered in the essay. Those four concepts are possible combination; you can make your own choice, but please at least include two of them in your final essay. The structure should be short introduction (couple sentences), definitions of four concepts that you chose and then interrelationship.
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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