Business Law Term Paper

| December 2, 2015
You are about to start a business (you pick the type of business). Spend a sentence or two describing the business.  Also, assume that you need $100,000 to get started and while you have $10,000 of your own, somehow you will need to find the other $90,000. In addition to yourself, assume also that you will need to hire at least one person full-time to assist you. The applicants for the job are:  a religious Jew who will not work on Friday nights and Saturdays, a person who is an alcoholic and is currently in an alcohol recovery program that meets Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and a person who has a history of violence in the workplace.

Based on the above,describe:

1) The best form of business organization you select for your business and why. In discussing why please be sure and describe the basis for your selection including the pros and cons over other available, applicable alternatives (20 points);
2)  The implications and requirements associated with obtaining the additional $90,000 in terms of equity or debt financing and securities laws and regulations (20 points); and
3) Specific requirements and considerations regarding employment law as it relates to the scenario that is outlined above (10 points).
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