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| August 28, 2015

Peter signs a contract with a tour company that reads as follows: 1. Fun Times Travel will provide the customer with airline travel to and from Washington and with seven night’s accommodations at the Happy Holiday Hotel. This package includes a half-day city tour and one day’s admission to the museum of the customer’s choice. Also included is one ticket to a major league baseball game if there are any home games during the trip. Peter later claims that before the contract was signed, he was told that he would be staying at the downtown Happy Holiday Hotel, which is much nicer than the suburban Happy Holiday Hotel where the tour company plans for him to stay. Peter also claims the tour company told him that meals are included and that he could substitute a second day of museum admission for the baseball ticket, both of which the tour company denies. Can Peter present evidence of his claims? 2. Justin purchased a new Ford Thunderbird in April of 2003. This was to be Justin’s midlife crisis car and would not be used in everyday driving. He did not sell his current car and would continue to drive it most of the time. Even though this was a low-volume car, Justin wanted his to be unique. He entered into a contract on May 1, 2003 with a firm to make a custom interior for the car, with the job to be completed on June 11, 2003. The customizer informed Justin on May 10 that the car would not be ready until late June. On June 12, 2003, Justin rented a 2003 Thunderbird Convertible from a specialty car rental company at a cost of $120 a day until his car was ready on June 29. Can Justin recover his car rental cost from the customizer?

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