Business in Asian – whether Asian countries need to reassess their growth strategy.

| April 22, 2014

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****Background–With the unprecedented and continuous rise of Asia in the 21s t century, we are at a turning point, and the world is witnessing a historic phase with changed global dynamics. However, recent research suggests that Asian countries need to re-assess their strategies as what has worked for their growth in the past may not continue to lead to success in future (ADB, 2011).
****Task–Do you agree that Asian countries need to reassess their growth strategy? Why/ why not? Your answer should consider the structural transformations that the Asian countries undertook after the Asian financial crisis in areas of the role of state, businesses, labour relations and regional integration.
**(1) critical analysis the major changes under each of these structural transformations (state, business, labour relations and regional integration) and how these changes have helped in the growth of the Asian economies after AFC.
**(2) whether or not these changes have worked and whether they need to be reassessed in the current environment. You can use the 4 ‘uns’ – unbalanced, unstable, uncoordinated and unsustainable when you discuss reassessment.
****Should have a reference list in Harvard reference style.
****Please don’t write the introduction and conclusion. Just state whether you agree/disagree the statement, then write the body part of the discussion using headings & sub-headings.
****Please use 2-3 countries for the discussion.
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