Business Ethics – Ethics of Whistleblowing

| November 26, 2014

Business Ethics – Ethics of Whistleblowing

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Analyse the cases of whistle blowing utilising ethical theory, such as duty, rights, utilitarianism and virtue. Do you think that Budde were right to blow the whistle?

Please use only two theories and analyse case through two theories. Please use utilitarianism as one of the theories.

You MUST use ethical theory when analysing the essay case and questions. Choose contrasting theories: at least one consequentialist and one non-consequentialist theory. So a minimum of two theories and a maximum of three or four theories would be my advice

In relation to the essay:

• Please do not write much about the case study. I have provided cases/issues so that you don’t have to describe it in your essay. Some of you will do extra research on a particular case. However, writing a description of the case will not get you marks in this essay. What is important is your application of theory to the case. You can provide more details of the case when you analyse it using theory.
• In terms of discussion of your theory, again keep it to a minimum. Just a brief definition is fine. This is descriptive and takes up word count. ‘Utilitarianism states that an action is ethical if it leads to the greatest good for the greatest number’ is sufficient.
• Please put tables in the text if you are using them and they will be excluded from the word count. BUT a utilitarian table listing, for example, benefits and drawbacks is not enough. If you do include a table please discuss it in text form and/or provide a deeper analysis of its content within the main text of the essay.
• Consider the weaknesses/disadvantages of the theories that you are using. Be critical of theory.
• If you are using a Kantian analysis, as well as the categorical imperatives, think of duty in a broader sense.
• Argue from different angles/standpoints, even if you do not agree with them.
• Undertake an objective analysis utilising theory. You can bring you own opinions into your summary/conclusions at the end of your essay.

All sources used must be clearly referenced.

The case that is to be used is:

The case of:

Former legal adviser, Lehman Brothers
Ignored by regulators


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