Business Case: Budget and Break-even Analysis

| April 23, 2015
Business Case: Budget and Break-even Analysis
Assessment 2b: Business Case: Budget and Break-even Analysis Weight 10%
Length: Minimal words – the assignment is to be submitted as an Excel file using the template from the class website.
Submission Details: to Turnitin and by email to the lecturer
Feedback Details: Via Grade Mark. This is important to ensure students are on track for the last major assignment. Note: It is strongly recommended that students submit their activity and financial budgets to the lecturer in advance to seek feedback on the way activity and financial budgets have been constructed. It is recommended that before the budget build up process starts that students consult with the lecturer to confirm that the proposed project is suitable for this assignment. A whole hospital, for example, is not appropriate as there are too many product lines to be managed successfully for a student assignment.
Assignment 2b is designed to help students prepare the financial and activity details for the business case (assignment 2c) i.e. the assignment is scaffolded so feedback can help ensure that re students are able to complete the final assessment.
Using the template which may be downloaded from the class website, prepare a zero base activity and financial budget for the health services the student plans to propose in assignment 2c.
As well as the proposed budget for the optimal operation of the service the student is to prepare a budget that will allow operations on a budget that is 10% less than the optimal budget. Assignment 2c will explain the differences and how the operation on the reduced budget is made possible.
You will be assessed on the following:
• Quality of explanation at each row to explain activity and budget items.
• Maintenance of integrity of the Excel file so that sources may be tracked back from the break even to the source data items.
See Learning modules on vUWS.
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