business and strategic performance management in Kuwait Oil Company

| December 24, 2014

-business and strategic performance management in Kuwait Oil Company;

1-    The length of the assignment should not exceed 1500 words, do not count the reference page and front page
2-    Free spilling mistake
3-    No plagiarism
Part -1 Select Topic
Selected topic “ e-business and strategic performance management in Kuwait Oil Company”
1.1    : Research topic about the topic, 5 short lines paragraph briefly express your research topic.
1.2    : in a different paragraph, provide an outlines of your research problem, research objective, and research questions.  “ it should be based on topic selected

on top”
Part-2 Gather the required information
2.1:  do a search in the internet to identify a document including academic ranking of journals in your field of study. Identify the top five journals in the

discipline where the topic falls.
2.2: Access any of the electronic data bases such as EBSCO, Proquest or Emerald and search for articles on the topic using key words included in the selected topic. “

few articles on based on our topic “ min four”
2.3 Evaluate the selected articles: according to their relevant to the selected topic” e-business and strategic performance management in Kuwait Oil Company”
2.3a: Are the context sufficiently different from your search
2.3b: How recent are articles? Aim at the more recent articles.
2.3c: Have you seen references in the articles that were useful? Review them as well.
2.3d: Are the articles published in one of the selected top journals? Use them.
Part-3 Write about the selected Topic
3.1: using references write about 1000 words on the differences  and similarities of the selected articles and explain why these differences are important ( e.g. it is

relevant to know that the Authors differ in their definitions of concept(s) under study. How do they differ? What are the implications of the differences?
3.2 Do an analysis of the methodology used in articles (e.g. sample selection, size, statistical tool used, and scales used). Select and state the appropriate

methodology you will use in your topic (500 words)

Structure of the Thesis workshop assignment
1-    front page
–    Title
–    Subtitle
2-    Abstract:
3-    Introduction
4-    Literature Review
5-    Research Methodology
6-    Data Analysis Finding and discussion
7-    Conclusion Recommendation and future research
8-    References
9-    Appendies
All the details requirement for the structure are attached Photo slides, no better Pic than this available attached


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