Breastfeeding is the best feeding

| February 21, 2015
This paper should be a argumentative essay. The tittle should be breastfeeding is the best feeding. should be MLA format double spaced
12 point times roman. contain a minimum of 4 legitimate sources, contain signal phrases to introduce direct quotations, contain proper
in-text citation, contain a properly formatted works cited page, adhere to the 70;30 rule, contain adequate transitions, contain a
underlined thesis statement, contain an underline plan of development sentence or sentences… THE THESIS SHOULD BE ARGUABLE.
In addition, the paper should
NOT contain any second person (you, your, etc.) language;
contain a minimum of four legitmate sources;
contain signal phrases to introduce direct quotations;
contain proper in-text citation;
contain a properly formatted Works Cited page;
adhere to the 70-30 rule you learned about in week 1;
contain adequate transitions;
contain an underlined thesis statement;
contain an underlined plan-of-development sentence (or sentences).
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Category: Health and Medicine

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