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| August 31, 2015

 Case Studies Essays (total 30.5 possible points)

 These assignments require that you place them in a designated drop box.

 Please read the Case Study Grading Rubric provided in the “Start Here First”

section of Armstrong eClassroom (D2L) or below before your first discussion


 Write one short paragraph about what you learned in the Read Me First/Syllabus. (1 point)

 Two (2) Case Study Essay (14.75 points each)


 Weekly, there are case studies in your weekly reading material from your text; also

located in the content area of the Armstrong eClassroom (D2L). They represent a wide

variety of global experiences in health care studies are directly related to the material

covered each week in your text book. I encourage you to look at the all cases in your

book prior to choosing one to write about. You should the find one that peaks your

interest sufficient to research and write about.

 Your assignment is to write two (2) 450-550 word essays, contrasting the cultural

difference in today’s healthcare/cultural beliefs with the case with those of today. Be

sure you are contrasting current information about the culture where the case first

occurred. The essays should reflect your research about the cultures both at the time

the case occurred, how the culture has now changed and whether or not research

reveals differences in the culture today. The title of your Case Study Essay is your

initials and title of the case study from the book. (RB, Urban Obesity in the


 Make sure that you include information about the case from the book and your

references include the case study from the book at the beginning of your essay.

For example: If the case study, from your book, was done in Cuba, and it was about

the dental health of Cubans in 1979, then you are trying to determine if dental health in

Cuba has changed since the time the original case study was recorded. If your essay

is just about “dental health” in general, it will not count toward your final grade. It must

be linked to a case study from your text.

 Your first essay is due week 4, second due week11. If you do not submit the first

essay prior to the closing of the drop box, you will miss the points for that essay. Only

one essay can be posted in each of the two drop boxes. All assignments are due by

11:30 PM on the assigned day. All assignments must be submitted in the drop boxes

provided in the Armstrong eClassroom (D2L), they cannot be emailed late to the


 Assignments are graded by Turnitin on spelling, content, grammar, APA style, number of current

(less than 5 years old) references used in the essay and then with a rubric. There should be at

least 4 references including your text. You must remember to correctly cite and reference all

information using APA style. Please review the grading rubric prior to submission of the


 Turnitin is a program used to submit all essay documents for originality checks. The instructor will

randomly pull several discussions each week and submit them through Turnitin to check for

plagiarism. Please make sure your work is you own. The following is a link for information about

submitting assignments using Turnitin.

 The instructors for this course cannot accept assignments submitted to their private or course

emails. You should place the documents in drop boxes in the assign area of the Armstrong

eClassroom (D2L). The due dates for the essays are spread out so that no one will find themselves

trying to do both at the end of the course or during the midterm and final exams. If you miss a

deadline you missed the opportunity to submit an essay. The drop boxes for work submitting your

work will be open till 11:30 p.m. on the due date deadlines. You cannot submit two essays in one

drop box

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