Breast Cancer

| August 28, 2015

What to Do: • Find a research article relating to your assigned Chapter from a peer-reviewed source (preferably journal article from reputable journal) o The article could be about a new medical procedure, something newly discovered, or outcome studies of a certain procedure. o The article could also be a literature review, or interesting case study about a particular topic. o If you are unsure as to whether the article is from a scholarly source, clear it with me to make sure it fits the requirements o DO pick an article of reasonable length. Not too short…but certainly not too long either • Read the article thoroughly • Write an abstract – or summary – highlighting the main points of the article • What to include in your summary: o Introduction: What the article was about, what’s it purpose was, what it was they were trying to figure out or explain. o Body: This is where you summarize the main points of the article. You may want to use subheadings if they were used in the article itself (Subjects, Methods, Results, Conclusion, etc..) o Conclusion: What were the overall results or conclusions of the article? Did they find what they expected to find? What conclusions did they make? What future research needs to be done? o Your Thoughts: Give at least 5 sentences about what your thoughts were on the article. What did you learn from it? Why did you pick it in the first place? Were there any problems with the study? o Reference: Include a complete reference for the article. It doesn’t matter which format you choose (AMA, MLA, etc), just make sure all of the information is included – author, title, year, edition, page numbers… Things to Keep in Mind: • Be clear in your explanations • Do not copy the information, this is plagiarism – you will receive a zero. If you do choose to include direct quotes because it’s needed, make sure you put the words in quotations and provide a reference in parentheses right after it. • I will read the article in addition to your summary, so make sure you summarize every main part of the article. Don’t skip important information. • Grammar is important as part of a collegiate assignment. This is not an English class, however, consideration will be given to the use of correct spelling and grammar. • Make sure the article you choose is recent – this means published within the last 10 years • The length of your summary will be dependent upon the length of the article. It may only need to be 2 pages, or it may need to be 4. What to Hand In: • A copy of the original article • Your typed summary. • *Everything should be presented professionally – this means pages are stapled (not folded over), there are no pen marks on your summary, and the papers are void of coffee stains!

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