Boot-block virus called Boot.Cidox.

| April 8, 2014

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1. Most people call any malware a “virus”. A true computer virus is a very specific type of malware – it attaches to something ELSE and is triggered only when that other item is accessed. That other item can be a boot block, an executable, or some other type of file. (Word Macro viruses would be Word macros that would run when the document was opened). They spread when they are executed, looking for other files to infect.
This was a technique that was common in the 80s and early 90s but vanished as operating systems and antivirus programs became more secure.
Until now. In my day job I am responsible for the security of over one hundred thousand computers world-wide. We have found exactly TWO computers so far with a boot-block virus called Boot.Cidox. This is a nasty little piece of work because it infects your boot blocks AND also embeds itself in several places in your system as services. It also infects all sorts of files based on what I’ve seen so far.
This is an old kind of threat that is back.
The moral of the story is: just because it hasn’t happened in a long time doesn’t mean that someone isn’t going to try it again.
This is worse than bell-bottoms and disco.
This is obviously making it past anti-malware programs. I haven’t found anything yet that can remove it.
Suggestions? Ideas? What will you do to protect yourselves?
2. Here is a story that never should have happened (on many counts)
What do you think?
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