Boeing’s Organizational Behavior

| April 22, 2014

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Examine Boeing’s mission statement, code of ethics, and organizational chart.
Describe the institution’s strategic objectives in light of the mission statement. Identify Boeing’s structure and focus on why the company is organized as it is.
What does it accomplish through this organization form?
Also give attention to how this structure reflects the institution’s strategy.
Is it a mechanistic structure, an organic structure, or a hybrid structure?
What particular characteristics of the organization did they consider in arriving at their analytical conclusions?
What controls are used in the company?
Identify something you believe should be changed about the way Boeing operates.
Analyze how this change could be managed using the three phase model of planned change.
Discuss the viability of using force coercion, rational persuasion, or shared power to achieve the planned change in the company.
Identify potential sources of resistance and ways to overcome the resistance for the planned change in Boeing.
Analyze Boeing’s observable culture, shared values, and common cultural assumptions.
Identify Boeing’s process of innovation.
How do the leaders of the company reinforce and support a strong culture that promotes innovation?
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