Block Format Letter

| August 28, 2015

Write a Block Format Letter for the following situation

Assume your role as a Chief Advisor, Learning and development, from a prestigious smart university in U.A.E. EduCare Learning Organization, 808, Adeers Grove, MA 02410, U.S.A. expands their educational services and seeks your professional guidance in setting up their revised educational platform. Dr. Smith, the Learning and Development Manager of the organization, has made a request to shed light on innovation in education. As an expert, you would probably give your earnest recommendation on the need and the innovation of having a smart campus that caters to efficient learning through not only physical sessions, but also online virtual sessions aiming at aspiring working clients. Also, extend an invitation for an official visit to your smart university to have a profound understanding of the infrastructure and the functioning of the present successful educational platform.

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Category: English

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