Bill Drafting assignment

| April 19, 2014

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A.) What I want: I would like it if the speed limit on interstate highways were raised from 70 mph to 80 mph.
B.) Why: Increasing the speed on the interstate would serve to expedite the process of traveling long distances. Western states generally have higher speed limits on their highways, some even up to 85mph.
C.) Any other factor of importance: Drivers caught abusing the increased speed bump will receive a fine on top of the ticket. I need to use this to create my own bill but it has to be in chart form. Can I email you the ruberic I need this done by tuesday
Bill Drafting Assignment: In-Class & At-Home
Take out a piece of paper. We are going to give each other bill drafting assignments.
The list you are about to write will NOT be the topic that YOU write about. It will be something that a fellow student will be assigned to write legislation about.
Write down something that meetings the following criteria:
1. It is something that you would like to see be the case (or NOT be the case) in Florida.
2. It is something that is not, to your knowledge, the subject of an existing bill this year.
You can make it challenging.
It does not have to be plausible. It can be unusual or politically infeasible.
You will swap papers with a classmate and become partners. Next week, when your bill language is due, you will bring a hard copy to class. Your partner will have a few minutes to offer amendments to your bill language.
As a professional bill drafter, you will not have a say about the quality of ideas that come your way from lawmakers. Your job is to take such an idea and put it in a format that reads like legislation, is clear, and would achieve the lawmaker’s goal.
Example 1: (somewhat implausible)
A) What I want: I would like it if preschools were required by law to offer "nap optional" packages to parents.
B) Why: Preschools let children nap for what I consider to be excessive periods of time, which means late nights at home. Parents should be able to select what period of time their child should get to sleep for during the day.
C) Any other factor of importance: Preschools should be prevented from charging parents greater than $5 extra per day for making such a "no nap" selection.
Example 2: (highly implausible)
A) What I want: I would like for employers with greater than 50 employees to offer optional on- site day care/preschool to employees with kids.
B) Why: Because dropping kids off at a second location wastes time and gas and leads to greater traffic on the roads.
C) Any other factor of importance: Employers must not charge employees above usual and customary rates for using the on-site day care. If fewer than 3 employees opt into using the on- site daycare, the employer is off the hook, but must maintain a plan for offering on-site daycare if things change during the following annual "open enrollment" period.
Looking back at Example 1:
As the bill DRAFTER on the above idea, I would first search within Florida statutes for the chapter(s) that regulate child care and day care facilities. I find, in this search, that Chapter 402.305, F.S. (Licensing standards; child care facilities) may be the most appropriate spot. In reading this chapter it is clear that a lot of the DETAILS of such regulation are written into Administrative Code ("Rule") by the Florida Department of Children and Families. This gives me a few choices.
Looking at paragraph (13) of this section, I could insert a line that states.
(13) Minimum standards shall ensure that each child care facility has and implements a written plan for the daily provision of varied activities and active and quiet play opportunities appropriate to the age of the child. The written plan must include a program, to be implemented periodically for children of an appropriate age, which will assist the children in preventing and avoiding physical and mental abuse. Each child shall be given daily opportunities for rest or nap periods. The department shall, by rule, establish parameters in which parents are given choices for the duration of daily naps.
Similar sections of law exist for family day care homes, etc. You will need to scour statute for areas of law that can be added, amended, etc, to make sure you’re not leaving something out, or leaving something contradictory in.
1. Type out what your partner handed you.
2. List of Florida Statutes that relate to the issue, and why. This can be done in chart form:
Chapter/subchapter topic
Chapter 402.305, F.S.
Licensing standards; child care facilities
This section defines what constitutes a day care or child care facility, and defines what is required of facilities to be licensed.
3. Your bill language
4. Describe what you learned from going through this exercise.
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