| August 27, 2015

TD2 Quality vs. Costs Is it possible to increase quality of care without increasing costs? Try to point out a specific field where this can be achieved. TD3 Work Organization Mintzberg identifies three ways in which work may be organized: a. Process or occupation; b. Purpose or division; c. Matrix – Both process and purpose apply in a matrix. Which of them (in your eyes) is best suited for a Hospital environment? Please explain your answer. TD4 Professional Integration vs. Clinical Autonomy Professional integration may be a positive step, but as always it also has a down-side to it. One possible outcome is physicians loosing “clinical autonomy”. Experts agree that as managed care extends its reach across the United States , physicians are increasingly concerned about potential reductions in income and loss of clinical autonomy. “Managed care’s emphasis on cost reduction — together with its logical consequences — is forcing physicians to seek new organizational structures that will allow them to compete in this changing health care environment.” (J. Mark Clapp) In all practicality, are we losing true clinical autonomy (and quality) in this area due to professional integration? TD5 Accountability: * Traditionally, accountability in health programs and health services organizations was directed to clinicians. * Over the past decade or so, we have witnessed a major shift in accountability from clinicians to third party payers and consumers of health services. * Therefore, managers must now ACCOUNT for actions to those who use and pay for health services, i.e., patients and health care insurance organizations. * They say that: “if you accept someone’s money, you also need to accept their opinion”. * Do you agree that this pertains to the Health Care environment? Please explain why. NOTE – the key word is “Accountability”, so please focus your response on this within healthcare. Separate each TD by TD2, TD3, TD4, and TD5

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