BHE314 Module5 Case

| August 27, 2015

Write a 2-3 page paper in which you respond to the following two questions: Noise Control Question 1: You have been notified that there is a case before City Council to approve a new nightclub in your neighborhood. The owners of the proposed nightclub have operated several other clubs in your city. They have a reputation for being insensitive to those who live nearby in the community: 1. Discuss the public health effects that may result in a community exposed to noise produced by a nightclub. 2. Describe the restrictions you would recommend the city requires the new nightclub to meet before granting an approval. Please be sure to support your position with evidence from the literature. Radon Question 2: Exposure to radon gas may cause health hazards. Friends of yours are purchasing a new home in an area where you understand that radon gas may be common: 1. Describe the type of radiation that is emitted by radon gas and how it poses a health risk. 2. Identify potential human health risks associated with living in a home where radon gas levels may be high 3. Describe corrective/remediation measures that can be taken to reduce radon levels in a home.

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Category: Environmental Issues

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