BHE314 Module2 Case Study

| August 27, 2015

BHE314 – Module 2 Case Study Write a 2-3 page paper in which you respond to the following two questions: Food Safety Question 1: There have been several complaints in your community about dirty restaurants. Several restaurants are no longer in business as a result of a television expose. You are the head of a citizen task force and have been asked to make recommendations for improved food safety. The members of the task force are at odds over which approach to food safety best serves the interests of the community. Please provide a response to the following questions: a. Explain which of the following two approaches to enhance food safety would be more effective in the long run, a stronger enforcement program by the local health department, or a mandatory food safety training requirement for all restaurant employees. b. Describe worker behaviors may promote or compromise food safety. Please be sure to justify your opinion with the literature. Vectors Question 2: Recently there have been numerous reports on increased mosquito bites in several neighborhoods in your community. Your staff has investigated these reports and have found them to be justified. In fact, there have been an increasing number of complaints that mosquitoes are preventing people from staying out in the early mornings and evenings. Additionally, the local health department has informed you that there has been an increase in reported cases of encephalitis and a few deaths related to West Nile Virus. Unfortunately, your health department is very limited in its personnel and its financial resources. You have to chose the most efficient methods to control this problem. Based on the information concerning mosquitoes in this scenario: a. Describe the top one recommendation you would give the public to prevent being bit by mosquitoes that may transmit West Nile Virus. Justify your choice. b. Describe the top one recommendation you would give the community to control the mosquito population in the community. Ensure that each question separated by Question 1(a); 1(b) and Question 2(a); 2(b).

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