Benchmarking Exercise

| August 27, 2015

The original assignment : Due Day 7 of Week Five. Using the UOP library resources, the Learning Team will select three or four organizations that resemble their subject organizations in industry type or market behavior and conduct a benchmarking exercise. The research should identify how those organizations faced similar problems and demonstrate examples a good decision process to handle the issues. Based on your individual research, begin a team discussion about what constitutes a good benchmarking process. Then generalize those discussions and develop the basic steps in a benchmarking technique that will allow team members to perform benchmarking for their subject organization in their final papers. Companies and organization I selected for bench-marking selected :Church (non profit organizations), world relief, wal-mart, red cross. I just need few words, not too specific on comparing non profit organization with a business organization and how they are similar and different. Also lead to bench-marking of any 2 organizations I suggested (Red cross and Wall MArt) My Portion highlighted in yellow ( need 250 words minimum of very effective section): Introduction – Cassaundra (1) Understand in detail existing business processes – Sherri (2) Analyze the business processes of others – Aydin <> (3) Compare own business performance with that of others analyses (4) Implement the steps necessary to close the performance gap Conclusion

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Category: Business

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