Behavioral Practice Management of Professionalism Essay

| August 27, 2015

Paper should be rewritten – it is attached. Please I have attached a file as well, read both( the instructions and the attachment) My doctor did not like my citation. Please find another one. Thank you. Behavioral Practice Management of Professionalism Essay Assignment: Write a one page reflective essay about the clinic director, staff, self, and peer- student evaluation data that was provided to you from your T750A (Clinical Sciences III, Part II; Spring 2014) “Comprehensive Care and Patient Management” course. Please explain in detail how this data as well as personal self-reflection about your patient care will directly improve your professionalism, communication, behavioral management and patient-centered care skills. Include in your one page reflection essay a peer reviewed journal source (e.g., patient management, behavioral management, communication skills, professionalism…) that provides evidence for your assertions and claims made throughout the paper. Answer ALL of the following questions in your reflection: Paragraph 1: 1. Briefly provide in detail an overview of the data that was provided to you from peers, staff and clinical directors as it relates to your professionalism, and communication, behavioral and patient management skills (3-4 sentences). Paragraph 2: 2. How was the feedback provided similar or different from each other? 3. Why do you feel that the feedback was similar or different? Paragraph 3: 4. What did you learn from this data and/or your own personal reflection that will assist you in clinic next year with your professionalism, patient-centered communication and behavioral patient management skills ? 5. What did you learn from this data and/or your personal reflection that will assist you in your future practice upon graduation? Paper Logistics: Your response must be submitted to us (Steve Dixon, DDS; Stuart Schrader, PhD) as a Word document attached within OnCourse’s T750i Assignment section. • Carefully read ALL of the instructions for the essay so that you fully respond appropriately to ALL 5 QUESTIONS being asked for within the assignment. Carefully read the central essay question for all that it is asking. • This essay is worth 10 points. Page format:  1 Page  Double spaced  12 point font  One inch margins  Name and date at the top of each page you submit • Include a work cited (reference) page that uses a standardized citation format (e.g., Journal of American Dental Association—supra-script in-text and numbering for references; American Psychological Association, Harvard Style, Vancouver Style, etc.) o You are required to include ONE in-text peer reviewed journal citations. (e.g., According to Smith 1 there are three stages involved in implementing this behavioral science dental communication model: (1) __, (2) ___, and (3) ___). First, Smith suggests that …) o If you are looking for behavioral science sources seek them out in databases such as Medline, OVID, and PubMed (these are medical library search engines). You may also find some sources in ERIC, Academic Search Elite, Health Source and Professional Development Collection. These are all EBSCO host search engine products—

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