Bariatric Surgery for Children

| August 26, 2015

this is a position paper.(important please list all refences) there will be attached articles where you will get your information for paper make the purpose of writing the paper clear. the position we are taking is pro surgery if a child needs it. GUIDE LINES FOR ESSAY: what is your thesis what organizational approach/approaches are used what pattern development is used? you should have at least 3 key points of discussion;a broad pattern for the body of your paper follows 1st talking point quotes,paraphases, and summerize in text citation discussion of the way this point supports your thesis and how the quote further illustrates or makes clear the point you are trying to make repeat this pattern until you have discussed all talking points finally decide on a strategy for presenting your closing point in your conclusion introduction(1 page long): 1)you must explain/define your topic. 2)provide enough background and context for someone unfamiliar with the issue to understand it. 3)explain your insterest in the topic: i have a cousin who is currently over weight and considering the surgery. i believe that there is advantages and disadvances. 4)offer a quote,paraphase or summary from one outside source with an attribution. 5)inculde an in text citation 6)include an entry for your source on your references page at the end of the paper Analyis(2 pages)body 1)compare and contrast your date from articles 2)identify key points and discuss their significance 3)discuss any information that surprised you in the reading. REflection (1 page)conclusion what did you learn what did you learn about research what did you learn about information literacy.

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Category: Medicine and Health

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