Autoethnography III;

| November 25, 2014

Autoethnography III;

Assignment Overview: Over the course of this semester, you have been observing and
reflecting on questions of cultural belonging and identity by first describing your own
experiences of cultural and/or ethnic belonging or difference and then interviewing others in
order to compare and/or contrast your own experiences and beliefs with those of others in your
cultural group. In this final autoethnographic essay, you will expand your understanding of your
chosen culture, ethnic group, and/or community by researching an historical event that has
impacted that group’s identity or sense of belonging.
Assignment Details:
The Essay:
The challenge of this essay will be synthesizing the research you’ve conducted while also
positioning yourself and your experiences within the broader context of your selected
cultural, ethnic, or community group. Consider beginning the essay with a narrative from
your own life and experiences OR those of your interviewees (from autoethnography 2)
as a way of framing the historical events you will then also narrate. After describing
(narrating) the historical events, indicate their significance, relevance, and/or impact on
the community, taking into consideration the issues of collective memory, the archive,
and the repertoire. If you have time, you might also consider: how your experience or
those of your interviewees sheds new light on the history as you’ve encountered it in your
research; how your research sheds new light on your or your interviewees’
understandings of your culture/group; what you can do to educate others about this
This essay should be 750-1000 words, double-spaced, in Times New Roman, 12 point font
with 1” margins on all sides. Put your name, the date, and the word count in the top lefthand
corner. After your essay, include a Works Cited page that includes a minimum of three
sources, including at least one print source, properly formatted in MLA style.


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