Australian welfare policies 1905-1915 and indigenous Australians

| August 29, 2015

Australian welfare policies 1905-1915 and indigenous Australians

The question of my essay is:
Analyse the Australian government welfare policies of 1905 and 1915 on the lasting consequences on indigenous australians.

At least 10 sources should be used and referenced in Chicago format.

If events are discussed, it must not be within 10 years from 2015. However, statistics or things that are published within 10 years are okay.

Some examples of dot points to include for Policy are; what the policy is, the context of it, and what the government purported the policy to be (helping indigenous children)
Some examples of Health include; mental and physical problems,
Some examples of Social repercussions include; jobs, cultural loss, identity problems, rejection of family, law problems, education.
some examples of Intergenerational effects include; parenting problems, behavioural problems, violence problems, problems with ways of nurturing.

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