Australian ambulance services adult resuscitation clinical practice guidelines are created according to best practice using credible evidence?.

| February 28, 2015
You are required to produce a comprehensive and succinct academic essay, of no more than 1500 words,
Choose ONE Australian ambulance service?s adult resuscitation clinical practice guideline and ONE element of resuscitation and discuss
the above statement.
Assignment Structure
You should start by selecting an Australian ambulance service and examining the adult resuscitation clinical practice guideline. You
then need to select one element of the resuscitation guideline, eg. compressions, defibrillation, ventilation, medications etc. After
introducing your topic and focus you can then begin to build your essay.
The body of your essay should progress through a discussion of your chosen element of resuscitation and its components as it relates
to the guideline, eg. compressions ? rate, depth, ratios, interruptions, hand placement etc. These should be evidenced by current
research, from journal articles and medical literature. Each component should be clearly set out in paragraphs and titled with
Finally, you should conclude your essay with a summary of your findings and make a recommendation in relation to how well the CPG is
backed with credible evidence.
Use gender neutral language when appropriate.
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