| December 3, 2015

Realigning Organizational Culture

Compare and contrast the six principles and eight practices described in “Realigning organization culture for optimal performance” (Levin and Gottlieb, 2009) with the four frames identified by Bolman and Deal (2013) and the eight stages. Relate each of the six principles and each of the eight practices to at least one of the frames or one of the stages.Create a PowerPoint Presentation (11 slides) to summarize your conclusions.

  • Title, your name, course number, instructor’s name (1 slide)
  • Specific comparisons and contrasts (8 slides)
  • Conclusion (1 slide)
  • Reference List (1 slide) – completed according to APA style as outlined in your approved style guide and include at least two sources in addition to the textbook



Levin, I., & Gottlieb, J. Z. (Winter 2009).Realigning organization culture for optimal performance: Six principles & eight practices. Organization Development Journal, 27 (4), 31-46. (ProQuest Document ID: 19073071

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