Atomic Bomb & Manhattan Project

| August 26, 2015

Focus your arguments for and not against. This essay will require several steps. The first step is to research the topic of whether the United States was right or wrong in dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. To do so, you will visit the following website. Scroll down the page to Major Events – Atomic Bomb & Manhattan Project. Beneath this header be sure to click on both Atomic Bomb Decision and Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb (Truman Library). From this point on you will have to find information and details that both support the use of Atomic weapons on Japan and condemn it. Take detailed notes so that you can compare the two contrasting opinions. Before you begin your rough draft, construct a Venn diagram that will help organize the ideas and supporting details you will use in your essay. You actual essay will need to be at least six paragraphs. Use the Block technique you learned from the reading assignment to structure your paragraphs. Suggestions for organizing the essay  The introduction should include background information about the topic. For instance, you may want to discuss the crisis which opened the door for the possible use of atomic weapons in the closing days of W.W.II.  The introduction should also include general statements that summarize the contrasting opinions on the subject.  Construct at least 4 body paragraphs. Each one should contain a concrete topic sentence followed by supporting details from your research.  Follow each body paragraph with an opposing one…For/Against/For/Against.  The concluding paragraph will be the best! Here you can explain which argument makes the most sense to you. Explain the logic which has led you to make this decision.

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