Athletic Facilities: CSU Case Study Assignment (Critical Thinking)

| August 22, 2015

Athletic Facilities: CSU Case Study Assignment (Critical Thinking)

While the Colorado State University (CSU) Community debated the “football stadium question” their President, Tony Frank, stated: “Its worth reiterating that people who care about this community and this University can look at the exact same information and arrive at different conclusions.” It should be obvious from the readings related to the quiz this week, that good arguments for and against building a new stadium existed. While it was recently announced that CSU would build a new stadium I”m wondering what decision each of you would have made.

Below is a link to the”blue book” containing a summary of the four final options that were considered for Colorado State University”s Football Stadium. Look over the summary, analyze the readings from the quiz this week, and let me know what option you would have chosen. Then, write a one page paper defending your position. Save the paper as “critical thinking” and upload that paper into the Google Drive (see below for instructions.) There is definitely no shortage of opinions and ideas on this topic and one can make a strong case for any of the four options. What would you have recommended? I have attached a copy of the readings below in the message center

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