assignment 3 issues in trade

| August 27, 2015

assignment 3 issues in trade

use J-curve and marshal-leaner conditions theory. and need data analysis and charts.

Assignment Question:
Issues in International Trade
“A depreciation of the domestic currency will unambiguously improve a country’s trade balance.”
Your task is to write a paper analysing the above statement for any country or countries, and for any time period of your choice.
The assignment must be clearly written; any diagrams, charts, tables etc must be clearly and correctly labelled, and explained in your text and any equations defined and explained. The quality of your argument, the clarity with which you explain and illustrate the relevant concepts and the way in which you relate economic reasoning to evidence is very important here.
Weight: This is the third of 3 assignments. All 3 assignments are equally weighted and are worth 50% of the total grade.
Length: 1000-1500 words, excluding references

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