Approaches to calculation

| April 25, 2014

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Task a) focus in particular figure 3 which will be attached, which shows Barney’s recordings make notes in as much detail as possible trying to suggest what particular parts of the drawing may mean. make reference to the article and to use some of the ideas and terminology introduced in it. also make some notes about your reaction to Barney’s recording.
task b) carry out an activity similar to part a above, but using a different set of jottings or recordings. if possible those should be from a child. and analyse that jotting similar to task a.
the references I would like are.
Compton, A., fielding, H., Scott, M (2007) supporting numeracy, LONDON: Paul Chapman publishers ( chapter 3: mental methods
Carruthers, E. and Worthington, M.(2004) ‘young children exploring early calculations’ mathematics teaching 187, 30-34
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