Applying critical thinking concepts to Adolf HItler pertaining to his ideology and actions.

| November 28, 2014

Applying critical thinking concepts to Adolf HItler pertaining to his ideology and actions.

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This should be a critical thinking speech/presentation.This speech/presentation should also connect the information of Adolf Hitler’s thinking and actions with critical thinking concepts from the Pearson textbook “Think Critically,” Edition 2013, authored by Facione and Gittens. In the speech/presentation talk about how Adolf Hitler used ideological reasoning,which means the argument maker takes the ideological premises on faith, to do bad things to people and persuaded people to believe he was right and the good guy.Also discuss the cognitive heuristics Us vs. Them to explain how he persuaded people that the world was against them. Please include the stereotyping heuristic talking about how he stereotyped people, such as Jews and other people. Also include how in situations and through his actions he used System 1 thinking, which is reactive thinking, and also how he used in other situations System 2 thinking, which is reflective thinking.

Please also include how the fallacies Appeals to the Mob fallacy, Appeals to Emotion fallacy, Misuse of Authority fallacy, Appeals to Ignorance fallacy and Ad Hominem Attacks.

Please come up with good ideas about how to apply critical thinking concepts to Adolf Hitler.

It would be useful if you can look up the textbook “Think Critically” Edition 2013, authored by Facione and Gittens.

If you have any questions about the meaning of any of the critical thinking concepts, please feel free to send me a message. I will try to explain as best as I can.

It would be good if you can connect the critical thinking concepts to real life history situations or actions by Adolf Hitler to explain the critical thinking concepts through his historical actions.

Please don’t make the speech/presentation too formal. The intended audience are my peers in a community college. The speech/presentation should also be educational and informative pertaining to the critical thinking concepts applied to Adolf Hitler.

Please use basic language, don’t use big words and keep it simple and clear.


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