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| February 20, 2015
THIS IS THE CASE STUDY; Read the case study below and answer the questions; Mr. P is a 76-year-old male with cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure who has been hospitalized frequently to treat CHF symptoms. He has difficulty maintaining diet restrictions and managing his polypharmacy. He has 4+ pitting edema, moist crackles throughout lung fields, and labored breathing. There is no family other than his wife, who verbalizes sadness over his declining health and over her inability to get out of the house. She is overwhelmed with the stack of medical bills, as Mr. P always took care of the financial issues. Mr. P is despondent and asks why God has not taken him. Question Considering Mr. P’s condition and circumstance, write an essay of 500-750 words, in which you describe your approach to care, recommend a treatment plan, and provide both the patient and family with education. Explain your answers using words the patient and family will understand and provide rationale. 2) Cite references to support your responses to the case studies. 3) Prepare this assignment according to the APA guideline. An abstract is not required. Please write the References in APA format. Please use the following REFERENCES; 1)McCance, L., Huether, S., Brashers, L., & Rote, N. (2010). Pathophysiology: The biologic basis for disease in adults and children. Maryland Heights, MO: Mosby Elsevier. ISBN-13: 9780323065849 2)•Nair, M., & Peate, I. (2009). Fundamentals of applied pathophysiology: An essential guide for nursing students. West Sussex, United Kingdom: John Wiley & Sons. ISBN-13: 9780470517956 Dear writer Please see the grading rubric given below to write the essay 1)Clear articulation of treatment plan and nursing approach to care. 2)Discusses method of providing patient and family education. Provides teaching plan using words the patient and family will understand. Provides rationale for the teaching method utilized. Format/Style Writing is at collegiate level and there are no grammatical or spelling errors. Assignment is within word limits. References are provided as necessary. (All sources, including the course text, must be included as references.) *Information is paraphrased and NOT copied/pasted from other sources, including dictionaries, textbooks, e-books, and electronic links.
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