Annual Report on Vodafone

| April 25, 2014

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Kindly follow the outline as requested, now this is supposed to be a group project to each person is taking either sales, cost or profit, they have to be clearly individual as the attached sample I will send you. Also please note that the word count has to be 2500 on the word document and the excel sheet has to have all the calculations and please put the tables as a graph in the word document so that it would not count as excess words when they are just number. Also diagrams have to be made for the comparison just like the sample sheet I have attached.
Please if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me
Also we have chosen VODAFONE we want to use their annual report from 1998 until 2013 in quartiles
In addition we will need the excel sheet that has a maximum of 4 sheets which are raw data, sales, cost and profit calculations.
Please bear in mind that part 2 and 3, (sales, costs, profits) should be equally weighted as these are individually graded.
The 2500 words should not be exceeded in the analytical word document, however, the excel, graphs etc, are exclusive of the word count so there is no limit there. However, please do not hesitate to let me know if there is any extra charge for words.
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