Anatomy and physiology essay

| April 16, 2015
Anatomy and physiology essay
Module: Anatomy & Physiology III – Level 6
You must address this statement:
1) Miasmatic theory in homeopathy is invaluable in understanding and treating chronic degenerative illness.
Discuss this point of view
You are presented with the statement above. Your task is to discuss this statement and address the points of view stated. You may totally agree, totally disagree or have a more balanced, central viewpoint. You must use your knowledge and show evidence of relevant background literature research to formulate your ideas and arguments around these statements. Your discussion should include critical appraisal of relevant background material. You need to evaluate the statement with respect to both the homeopathic and mainstream medical/scientific (allopathic) perspectives.
Work should be typed, presented in a poly-pocket and should include a plagiarism declaration with your student number, signature, the module title and the date of submission. Please keep a copy of your assignment. Please include total word count at the end of the document, before the reference list and put your student number on all pages.
WORD LIMIT: 2500 words (+/- 10%)
You must reference in full (Bournemouth Harvard style). Tables and diagrams may be used if relevant, these should have full titles and if necessary full citations.
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