Analysis of Song Lyrics: "Shape of My Heart", Sting

| April 29, 2014

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Prompt 4: Analysis of Song Lyrics
Your fourth paper will expand on the complex thesis and rhetorical analysis skills that you
developed in your previous papers. You will use one of the articles from the course reading to
analyze the song lyrics that you used in your previous paper . In addition to the article, and the
song (your primary source), you should find at least 2 outside academic articles to support
your argument. resulting in a minimum of 4 cited sources (song, article, 2 outside articles).
Pick one of the articles listed below and use it to revise and expand your rhetorical analysis of
the song lyrics from paper 3. Your paper could, for instance, respond to the article by using your
textual analysis and close reading – or it could develop and reconsider the rhetorical analysis
from the song.
The main goal for the essay is to APPLY the articles from the course reader to your close reading
of the song as your primary source. The goal is that you use the articles to analyze and “re-read”
the text in a way that was not entirely possible before. You should develop a complex, arguable
thesis and make sure your thesis addresses both the article and primary source.
The final draft should be 5 pages. And should follow proper MLA format, including a properly
formatted works cited page. You will be marked down if you don’t follow MLA format.
Pete Rojas, “Bootleg Culture,” 469.
DeSean Robinson Walker, “Hip Hop LIfe,” 493.
Tammy Johnson, “Race and Beauty in America’s Next Top Model,” 300.
Lucy Grealy, “Masks,” 66.
Kate Ludeman and Eddie Erlandson, “Alpha Male Syndrome,” 225.
Lois P. Frankel, “Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office” 313.
Rebecca Traister, “Hit her, Baby, One More Time,” 431.
Bruce Glassman, “We Can Work It Out: The Beatles’ Creative Competition,” 216.
NOTE: You are not limited to the article listed above. However, if you choose an article that is
not on the list above, I need to approve it before you begin work on your paper
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