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Conventional drug: Acamprosate
Experimental drug: Topiramate
This essay is about alcohol dependence which can be treated by acamprosate (a conventional drug). There is a experimental drug (Topiramate ) which is not approved yet to be used for the same condition. So, this essay is going to discuss this topic and the general instructions are below:

In the abstract, half A4-page max (200-400 words), address:
–    which aspect of the pathology is targeted by experimental drug
–    mechanism of action and effects at cell level to organism level
–    reported efficacies, side effects, etc
–    your view of current status, critical evaluation of reports, shortcomings, potential

Some points should be included in this report:

–    the condition, succinctly summarised (setting the scene for the drug)
–    mechanism of action, from molecular to organism level, if known
–    clinical studies, efficacies
–    clinical studies, side-effects
–    Substance:  have the required issues been addressed adequately, appropriately?
–    Substance:  are there errors in fact? (as far as you can tell)
–    Argument:  does the report represent a coherent, flowing story?
–    View:  does the author present their own view (based on literature), rather than merely stringing together summaries from the literature?  (irrespective whether you agree or not)
–    Argument:  can you identify glaring gaps or flaws in the argument?
–    Summary:  does the summary provide a stand-alone representation, summarising the essence of the argument?

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