Aids Vaccine

| February 18, 2015

1. I need a comparisson and contrast essay. Tittle \\\”Aids Vaccine\\\” written by two authors name Essex Max and Grant Zeng.
2. This is a comparisson and contrast essay between two different authors writing same subject\\\” Aids Vaccine.My proffessor
wants us to make a comparisson and contrast essay about the diffent author wrting same subject. Author Max essex is better than Grant
Zeng bla bla bla and so on. Need to metion Max Essex is wrote the subject Aids Vaccine at magazine EBSCO publishing. While Grant Zeng
wrote the same subject aids vaccine at yahoo news. 3. Need to have a thesis statement why author Essex Max is a better writer than
author Grant Zeng at the end of the first paragraph. Each paragraph needs to have an obvious topic sentence. You need to talk about
the comparisson of the two authors I just mentioned in terms of style of writing, organization, explanantion of detail. Need to create
paragraphs to support author Essex Max As the better author than Grant Zeng in writing identical subject aids vaccines. I dont care if
the word of the paragrapb are illusion or just a creation of word to support the thesis statement author Max essex is better than
Grant Zeng. All I care is there is a comparisson to convince my professor about my thesis.4.First paragraph needs to have a very short
introduction about the topic of the essay subject which is \\\”Aids Vaccines\\\” all about.You need to have thesis statement
for example this essay is intended to show that Mr. Essex Max did better writing sytyle than Grant Zeng. Second paragraph needs to
have all the supporting statement for Max Essex as a better writer of the subject because he use understandable language, rather than
difficult medical terms like what autor Grant Zeng did.Max uses statistic data report about how many man, woman and children affected
by desease each country year 1994 and 1996 to show the growing problem of aids. 5.Please create a paragraph supporting thesis
statement Max Essex as a better author than Grant Zeng. 6. Double space, times new roman, 12 font size, 1.25 margin all around with
page number at right buttom of each page like example page one.

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