Afrofuturisms and Indigenous Futurisms

| April 2, 2014

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There is no topic of this essay. it is just some paragraphs to answer the questions.
totally, it has 2 questions.
Question 1: please read essay “Gender” which is written by Judith Halberstam. from Keywords for American culture
write a 5-7 paragraph making an argument about what make this particular text significant. identify 3 larger ideas how this particular text helped you better understand these 3 idea. close analysis of the text in question is an important component of answering this question.
notes for this paper:
different gender system
‘Gender is understood as a marker of social difference, a bodily performance of normatively and the challenge made to it’ page 119
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Question 2:
Afrofuturisms and Indigenous Futurisms
please take a look at the website. Explore Afrofuturism we site;
Nnedi Akorafor, “Spider the Artist”(2008) available on-line at;
write a 5-7 paragraph essay connecting to corporation, region and science.explain why Afrofuturisms and Indigenous Futurisms are useful for understanding some of the bigger concepts.the best answes will quote and engage specific details from the websites.
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