Advanced Directives

| February 18, 2015
What current ethical issue related to nursing or access to nursing care did you
select to describe? Advance directives and discuss RIGHTS of individual preparing advance directive ____ (2 points) 2. What are the
relevant laws, regulations or policy related to this issue that people want/might want to challenge? You should be able to answer
questions about your issue! refer to federal law and MD state law ____ (2 points) 3. What Ethical Principles are at issue in this
disagreement or conflict? discuss autonomy and Maleficience ____ (2 points) 4. Describe a resolution to this issue. Discuss that
hospitals are now required to offer patient information about advance directive on admission to hospital. ____ (1 point) 5. How is
this resolution supported by ethics? ____ (1 point) 6. How could this resolution (in #4) lead to a change in professional practice,
the Code of Ethics, and/or the Nurse Practice Act or other law? relate to Maryland nurse practice act
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Category: Health and Medicine

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