Accreditation of Health Facilities

| February 18, 2015
The overall goal of the Session Long Project is to examine
health care delivery in the United States from a personal perspective. As the third assignment towards completing the Session Long
Project, please answer some questions related accreditation. Assignment expectations: Define describe accreditation; Exoplain why
accreditation is important; Identify organizations that accredit managed care organizations in the U.S.; Briefly explain what is
involved in the accreditation process (In other words, what do they look at? Do they make site visits?); Explain the accreditation
status of your health care provider organization (hospital, clinic, treatment facility, etc…)? If you are not covered under a
managed care plan, identify any managed care plan and explain its accreditation status. SLP assignment expectations: Please be sure to
cite all sources and provide a reference list at the end of the paper (at least 3 references). The length of your paper should be 2-3
pages typed and single-spaced. Please prepare your work using appropriate format. Required Readings Ferris, T. G., et al. (2001).
Leaving Gatekeeping Behind — Effects of Opening Access to Specialists for Adults in a Health Maintenance Organization. New England
Journal of Medicine 345 (18), 1312-1317. Retrieved May 2, 2012 from
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